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Keras Callback for finding the optimal range of learning rates
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import keras.backend as K
from keras.callbacks import Callback
class LRFinder(Callback):
A simple callback for finding the optimal learning rate range for your model + dataset.
# Usage
lr_finder = LRFinder(min_lr=1e-5,
epochs=3), Y_train, callbacks=[lr_finder])
# Arguments
min_lr: The lower bound of the learning rate range for the experiment.
max_lr: The upper bound of the learning rate range for the experiment.
steps_per_epoch: Number of mini-batches in the dataset. Calculated as `np.ceil(epoch_size/batch_size)`.
epochs: Number of epochs to run experiment. Usually between 2 and 4 epochs is sufficient.
# References
Blog post:
Original paper:
def __init__(self, min_lr=1e-5, max_lr=1e-2, steps_per_epoch=None, epochs=None):
self.min_lr = min_lr
self.max_lr = max_lr
self.total_iterations = steps_per_epoch * epochs
self.iteration = 0
self.history = {}
def clr(self):
'''Calculate the learning rate.'''
x = self.iteration / self.total_iterations
return self.min_lr + (self.max_lr-self.min_lr) * x
def on_train_begin(self, logs=None):
'''Initialize the learning rate to the minimum value at the start of training.'''
logs = logs or {}
K.set_value(, self.min_lr)
def on_batch_end(self, epoch, logs=None):
'''Record previous batch statistics and update the learning rate.'''
logs = logs or {}
self.iteration += 1
self.history.setdefault('lr', []).append(K.get_value(
self.history.setdefault('iterations', []).append(self.iteration)
for k, v in logs.items():
self.history.setdefault(k, []).append(v)
K.set_value(, self.clr())
def plot_lr(self):
'''Helper function to quickly inspect the learning rate schedule.'''
plt.plot(self.history['iterations'], self.history['lr'])
plt.ylabel('Learning rate')
def plot_loss(self):
'''Helper function to quickly observe the learning rate experiment results.'''
plt.plot(self.history['lr'], self.history['loss'])
plt.xlabel('Learning rate')
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singhay commented Aug 12, 2018

@drsxr change your callback from LRFinder to lr_finder

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OmaymaS commented Jan 22, 2019

So I assume epoch_size should be defined explicitly in advance before calling LRFinder(), which is the number of entries in X_train?

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Here's my version:

Three changes were made:

  • Number of iterations is automatically inferred as the number of batches (i.e., it will always run over one epoch)
  • Set of learning rates are spaced evenly on a log scale (a geometric progression) using np.geospace
  • Automatic stop criteria if current_loss > 10 x lowest_loss

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@WittmannF looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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