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The Instacart Online Grocery Shopping Dataset 2017 Data Descriptions

orders (3.4m rows, 206k users):

  • order_id: order identifier
  • user_id: customer identifier
  • eval_set: which evaluation set this order belongs in (see SET described below)
  • order_number: the order sequence number for this user (1 = first, n = nth)
  • order_dow: the day of the week the order was placed on
  • order_hour_of_day: the hour of the day the order was placed on
  • days_since_prior: days since the last order, capped at 30 (with NAs for order_number = 1)

products (50k rows):

  • product_id: product identifier
  • product_name: name of the product
  • aisle_id: foreign key
  • department_id: foreign key

aisles (134 rows):

  • aisle_id: aisle identifier
  • aisle: the name of the aisle

deptartments (21 rows):

  • department_id: department identifier
  • department: the name of the department

order_products__SET (30m+ rows):

  • order_id: foreign key
  • product_id: foreign key
  • add_to_cart_order: order in which each product was added to cart
  • reordered: 1 if this product has been ordered by this user in the past, 0 otherwise

where SET is one of the four following evaluation sets (eval_set in orders):

  • "prior": orders prior to that users most recent order (~3.2m orders)
  • "train": training data supplied to participants (~131k orders)
  • "test": test data reserved for machine learning competitions (~75k orders)
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hg568 commented Jul 2, 2019

Where is the file of order_product_test? I couldn't find it in the dataset.

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I cannot see the test data in my files that i downloaded from

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