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ini_list = [('G 05', 'Over-Speed', '1.63'), ('Load 23A_UF', 'Over-Voltage', '11.37'), ('Load 21A_UF', '11.38'), ('Load 08A_UF', '11.38'), ('Load 07A_UF', '11.38'), ('Load 12A_UF', '11.38'), ('Load 24A_UF', '11.38'), ('Load 15A_UF', '11.38'), ('Load 16A_UF', '11.38'), ('Load 04A_UF', '11.38'), ('Load 03A_UF', '11.38'), ('Load 18A_UF', '11.38'), ('Load 25A_UF', '11.38'), ('Load 27A_UF', '11.39'), ('Load 26A_UF', '11.39'), ('G 05', 'Over-Speed', '1.63'), ('G 05', 'Over-Voltage', '1.63'), ('NSG_2', 'OverVoltage', '2.72'), ('G 01', 'Out of Step', '2.72')]
reasons = {'sum_of_reasons': 0}
for item in ini_list:
reason = lambda x: 'No Reason Given' if len(x) == 2 else x[1]
add_fault(reason(item), reasons)
{print('%s: %s this is %.2f' % (k, reasons[k], reasons[k]/reasons['sum_of_reasons'])) for k in reasons}
def add_fault(fault, reasons):
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Created Apr 26, 2017 — forked from tomysmile/
Setup PHP Composer using Brew
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Created Feb 11, 2016
Here are some things you can do with Gists in GistBox.
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// Use Gists to store code you would like to remember later on
console.log(window); // log the "window" object to the console
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Last active Feb 24, 2016
Get started with kibana4

Get started with kibana4

Short tutorial how to get started with kibana on OSX for rookies (like me at this topic)

Install (on *nix flavours)

  • elasitcsearch
  • kibana4


on the shell start bin/elasticsearch and bin/kibana

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