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Created July 11, 2016 10:45
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Setup PHP Composer using Brew
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Thanks! For others wanting to install php 7, just replace the first line by:
brew install php71

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JohnnyWalkerDigital commented Apr 13, 2017

Why would anyone not want to install PHP 7 if they were installing it for the first time? The speed increase alone makes it preferable.

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@JohnnyWalkerDesign .. you may be on a work machine working on a legacy app that is running on an older version.

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Always good use Bash's && command.

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" && brew update && brew tap homebrew/dupes && brew tap homebrew/php && brew install php71 && brew install composer && composer -V

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I see this warning, is it ok?

Warning: homebrew/dupes was deprecated. This tap is now empty as all its formulae were migrated.

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Works fine for me!

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@lacivert they are now managed inside homebrew-core

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@JoaoGFarias Works fine for me!

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M-Doja commented Nov 21, 2017

just what I was looking for. Thanks

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nic9075 commented Jan 14, 2018

How exactly is this done with a Windows 10 PC?

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The homebrew/dupes tap was deprecated and its formulae migrated.

@nic9075 see

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Now it's simple as brew install php composer.

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hongttran commented Oct 4, 2019

Now it's simple as brew install php composer.

Still works in October of 2019
Most up to date version of php is 7.3

On Macbook:

brew install php@7.3

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I was installing composer using brew.

But I am having this error:


Do You have any advice?

Thanks a lot

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This Worked for me 😇
You need to edit bash_profile

  1. nano ~/.bash_profile
  2. Copy/paste export PATH=~/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH
  3. Then run source ~/.bash_profile

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should the composer be installed in the project folder or the server folder.
for example, if I am using WAMP64 as a local host inside the www folder of I have my project should I install it in the WAMP64 folder or the project folder like perfect cup

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