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Httperf only allows cookies of 256 bytes or less. Rails sets cookies that are bigger than that. This will result in output such as `httperf.sess_cookie: truncating cookie to 245 bytes` and failed Rails sessions. This brew adds the `--big-cookies` option to the `httperf` formula so you can use it with Rails.
require 'formula'
class Httperf < Formula
homepage ''
url ''
sha1 '2aa885c0c143d809c0e50a6eca5063090bddee35'
option 'enable-debug', 'Build with debugging support'
option 'big-cookies', 'Allow cookies larger than 256 bytes'
def install
debug = build.include?('enable-debug') ? '--enable-debug' : '--disable-debug'
if build.include?('big-cookies')
inreplace 'src/gen/sess_cookie.c' do |s|
s.gsub! /MAX_COOKIE_LEN\s+256/, 'MAX_COOKIE_LEN 1024'
system "./configure", debug,
system "make install"
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