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Jeroen Heijmans jeroenheijmans

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jeroenheijmans / choco-install.ps1
Last active Nov 16, 2018
Chocolatey Install DevTools
View choco-install.ps1
choco install adobereader -y
choco install googlechrome -y
choco install firefox -y
choco install 7zip -y
choco install notepadplusplus -y
choco install git -y
choco install putty -y
choco install nodejs -y
choco install skype -y
choco install sysinternals -y
jeroenheijmans / angular-oauth2-oidc-extra-logging-snippet.ts
Last active Jan 21, 2019
Custom logging for angular-oauth2-oidc library
View angular-oauth2-oidc-extra-logging-snippet.ts
import { OAuthErrorEvent } from 'angular-oauth2-oidc';
// ... => {
if (event instanceof OAuthErrorEvent) {
} else {
jeroenheijmans / decorated-oauth-storage.ts
Created Jun 13, 2018
OAuthStorage wrapper for debugging angular-oauth2-oidc library
View decorated-oauth-storage.ts
// Usage:
// { provide: OAuthStorage, useValue: decoratedStorage },
const decoratedStorage: OAuthStorage = {
getItem(key) {
const data = localStorage.getItem(key);
console.warn('get', key, data ? data.substring(0, 25) : data);
return data;
setItem(key, data) {
jeroenheijmans / ngb-momentjs-adapter.ts
Last active Oct 4, 2018
NgbDateAdapter for Moment.js values
View ngb-momentjs-adapter.ts
import { NgbDateAdapter, NgbDateStruct } from '@ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap';
import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import * as moment from 'moment';
// Might need to polyfill depending on needed browser support...
const isInt = Number.isInteger;
export class NgbMomentjsAdapter extends NgbDateAdapter<moment.Moment> {
jeroenheijmans / NgbDateStringParserFormatter.ts
Last active Jun 5, 2018
Parser/formatter for ngbDatepicker with dd-MM-yyyy format
View NgbDateStringParserFormatter.ts
// Formatter using "dd-MM-yyyy" string format:
// See:
export class NgbDateStringParserFormatter extends NgbDateParserFormatter {
parse(value: string): NgbDateStruct {
if (!value) { return null; }
const parts = value.trim().split('-');
return {
View CsharpBuddy.cs
* This code is pure adhoc magic. NO WARRANTY or guarantees or
* whatsoever! Use at your own risk!!
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
namespace CsharpBuddy
jeroenheijmans / AspNetIdentity-SQL-Scripts.sql
Created Jan 17, 2018
SQL DDL scripts for [IdentityServer4 + AspNetIdentity] setup
View AspNetIdentity-SQL-Scripts.sql
SQL DDL scripts generated using
dotnet ef database update
for the IdentityServer4.Samples 6_AspNetIdentity quick start. This was run for
commit 0a7400a2ade8c149b3feb08a05bf4423d19ac08c in that repository. It references
- IdentityServer4.AspNetIdentity 2.0.0 including
- Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity (>= 2.0.1)

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jeroenheijmans / trello-export-lpic-1-101-study-guide.json
Last active Jul 8, 2017
Trello Export for LPIC-1 101 Study Guide
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"id": "5960b8fe99b1151dc82b6cb8",
"name": "LPIC-1 101 Study Guide",
"desc": "",
"descData": null,
"closed": false,
"idOrganization": null,
"invited": false,
"pinned": false,
"starred": false,
jeroenheijmans / EF_Select_N_plus_1_Repro.cs
Created Jun 2, 2017
EntityFramework SELECT N+1 issue
View EF_Select_N_plus_1_Repro.cs
* Create a new Class Library and copy/paste this file over the class1.cs file.
* On Package Mananager Console:
* @("MSTest.TestFramework","MSTest.TestAdapter","EntityFramework") | foreach { Install-Package $_ }
* Run `sqllocaldb c soquestion` to create the instance.
* Afterwards create database `TestDb` e.g. with SSMS on that instance.
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