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plot with three categorical variables and one continuous variable using ggplot2
# Create some data
Data <- expand.grid(group=c("Apples", "Bananas", "Carrots", "Durians", "Eggplants"),
year=c("2000", "2001", "2002"),
quality=c("Grade A", "Grade B", "Grade C", "Grade D", "Grade E"))
Group.Weight <- data.frame(
group=c("Apples", "Bananas", "Carrots", "Durians", "Eggplants"),
group.weight=c(1,1,-1,0.5, 0))
Quality.Weight <- data.frame(
quality=c("Grade A", "Grade B", "Grade C", "Grade D", "Grade E"),
quality.weight = c(1,0.5,0,-0.5,-1))
Data <- merge(Data, Group.Weight)
Data <- merge(Data, Quality.Weight)
Data$score <- Data$group.weight + Data$quality.weight + rnorm(nrow(Data), 0, 0.2)
Data$proportion.tasty <- exp(Data$score)/(1 + exp(Data$score))
# Plot Data with ggplot2
aes(x=factor(year), y=proportion.tasty,
color=group)) +
geom_line() +
geom_point() +
opts(title = "Proportion Tasty by Year, Quality, and Group") +
scale_x_discrete("Year") +
scale_y_continuous("Proportion Tasty") + facet_grid(.~quality )
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