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AWS Lambda: Determine Event Source from event object. Note that this is an approximation as anybody can send a payload that resembles the real thing.
function getLambdaEventSource(event) {
if (event.Records && event.Records[0].cf) return 'isCloudfront';
if (event.configRuleId && event.configRuleName && event.configRuleArn) return 'isAwsConfig';
if (event.Records && (event.Records[0].eventSource === 'aws:codecommit')) return 'isCodeCommit';
if (event.authorizationToken === "incoming-client-token") return 'isApiGatewayAuthorizer';
if (event.StackId && event.RequestType && event.ResourceType) return 'isCloudFormation';
if (event.Records && (event.Records[0].eventSource === 'aws:ses')) return 'isSes';
if (event.pathParameters && event.pathParameters.proxy) return 'isApiGatewayAwsProxy';
if (event.source === '') return 'isScheduledEvent';
if (event.awslogs && return 'isCloudWatchLogs';
if (event.Records && (event.Records[0].EventSource === 'aws:sns')) return 'isSns';
if (event.Records && (event.Records[0].eventSource === 'aws:dynamodb')) return 'isDynamoDb';
if (event.records && event.records[0].approximateArrivalTimestamp) return 'isKinesisFirehose';
if (event.records && event.deliveryStreamArn && event.deliveryStreamArn.startsWith('arn:aws:kinesis:')) return 'isKinesisFirehose';
if (event.eventType === 'SyncTrigger' && event.identityId && event.identityPoolId) return 'isCognitoSyncTrigger';
if (event.Records && event.Records[0].eventSource === 'aws:kinesis') return 'isKinesis';
if (event.Records && event.Records[0].eventSource === 'aws:s3') return 'isS3';
if (event.operation && event.message) return 'isMobileBackend';
if (event.Records && (event.Records[0].eventSource === 'aws:sqs')) return 'isSqs';
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silvav commented Apr 15, 2018

I would like to show this code block on my master thesis. Can you confirm that this code is licensed under public domain?
Alternatively, could you grant me permission to publish it?

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For SQS:

if (event.Records && (event.Records[0].eventSource === 'aws:sqs')) return 'isSqs';

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jeshan commented Dec 10, 2019

Guys, this slipped under my radar. I don't know why github does not send notifications for gists.
silvav: if it's still relevant for you, then yes you can use it under public domain.
CowChris: thanks, I'll add it

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pauloapi commented May 7, 2020

For Python: You can check this out This is just based on your gist. Thank you.

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Would you kindly add a if statement for a lambda being triggered by application load balancer?

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pauloapi commented Feb 2, 2021

For API Gateway HTTP:

if (event.requestContext && event.requestContext.resourceId) return 'isApiGatewayHttp';

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jeremy-brooks commented Jun 14, 2022

This is probably not the best idea as it relies on AWS implementation details which may change.

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Interesting and useful. I have struggled with the best approach to knowing my invoker. Although this may not persist well over time it is better than putting a caller flag in the payload. The only other option I see is multiple similar functions, which leads to logic sprawl but avoids the conditional overhead.

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For SQS add this

elif 'Records' in event and len(event['Records']) > 0 and 'eventSource' in event['Records'][0] and event['Records'][0]['eventSource'] == 'aws:sqs':
return 'sqs'

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if (event.requestContext.elb.targetGroupArn) return 'is ALBEvent'

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if (event.source === 'aws.scheduler') return 'isScheduler';

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