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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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The Empty Buffer, by @fogus
You're sitting there and
all the sudden something comes to you and everything stops
You look down at no point in particular
but then the music is thrumming in your ears and
you see these colors come at the edge of your vision
red and yellow and blue, focusing in on them
If you can't stop it because you don't want to lose it
and you know that there's something there
Your vision blurs a bit and it becomes
this blackness in front of you
but not true blackness - lacquer. You can see through it.
And patterns emerge in this lacquer
and you know that you're onto a really good idea
and it's coming
and you can see within these patterns that they're composed of smaller patterns
and you don't want to even breathe because you know that you're going to lose it
and then all of a sudden there's this flash
and the doors of the mind are blown apart
and you get it.
You get it!
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