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Jugurtha Hadjar jhadjar

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jhadjar /
Created December 30, 2017 21:14 — forked from MikahB/
Example file from alphaMesh project
"""Process inbound messages. Useful for AMQP message consumers.
You can write about what your module does here.
See PEP8 "Style Guide for Python Code."
See PEP257 "Docstring Conventions."
These are really helpful as they contain guidelines
to make code more readable.
jhadjar /
Created September 24, 2016 23:31 — forked from JeffPaine/
Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python: notes from Raymond Hettinger's talk at pycon US 2013. The code examples and direct quotes are all from Raymond's talk. I've reproduced them here for my own edification and the hopes that others will find them as handy as I have!