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Set up local testing for codebuild
docker --version
if [[ $? != 0 ]]; then
brew cask install docker
echo "Make sure you have $HOME/bin in your PATH"
mkdir -p ~/bin/
curl > ~/bin/
chmod +x ~/bin/
git clone
cd aws-codebuild-docker-images/ubuntu/python/3.6.5
docker build -t aws/codebuild/python:3.6.5 .
echo "Resources:"
echo " Build Spec ref:"
echo " Codebuild images repo:"
echo ""
echo "Play in the docker container to test stuff:"
echo " $ docker run -it --entrypoint sh aws/codebuild/python:3.6.5 -c bash"
echo ""
echo "Test local builds by changing into the directory with your buildspec.yml and running:"
echo ""
echo " $ -i aws/codebuild/python:3.6.5 -a ~/build_artifacts"
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