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Created Aug 24, 2012
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Rootbuzz theming guide

Rootbuzz Theming Guide

  • Step 1: See the getting started video

  • Step 2: Do research on the theme you're matching

  • Look for elements that are consistent across many pages on the primary site

  • Look for a blog. Possible source of theme elements.

    What you're looking for is thematic elements such as:

    • what color the links should be
    • what should the sidebar look like
    • What fonts, font sizes, colors, etc are used
    • How to match and integrate the header and footer
  • Step 3: Make sure you're done every item in the following checklist

note: Please do not hesistate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

I'm available via skype (jiaaro) & email ( any time you need.

Theme Completion Checklist

  • Typography (fonts)
  • Does the Heading font match the main site?
  • Does the body text font match the main site?
  • Are the font sizes the same?
  • is the line-height the same?
  • paragraph spacing
  • link colors?
  • Layout
  • Make sure theme doesn't break when resizing browser window
  • Make sure Rootbuzz layout is the same width as Client Site's
  • Buttons are themed
  • new post
  • new comment
  • Edit post
  • Edit profile
  • Send Feedback
  • Currently selected sort is highlighted
  • list of posts (default: popular)
  • list of replies (default: magic)
  • Error messages on forms (try posting without any tags)
  • Slide down bar ("First time here…", log in then log out to see)
  • Badges page
  • should have every other row highlighted (.highlighted class)
  • Log out and view
  • homepage
  • a post with replies and comments
  • a user profile with posts and replies
  • Sniff check: Make sure there are no obvious theme bugs in the following use cases
  • Do a Search
  • Click a tag
  • Favorite a tag & Ignore a tag
  • View a profile
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10
  • Firefox Latest
  • Chrome Latest
  • Safari Desktop 5, 6
  • iPhone 4, 5 (check portrait & landscape orientations)
  • iPad (check portrait & landscape orientations)
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