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Created January 18, 2012 03:52
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Code highlighting for Keynote presentations

Step 0:

Get Homebrew installed on your mac if you don't already have it

Step 1:

Install highlight. "brew install highlight". (This brings down Lua and Boost as well)

Step 2:

Highlight your source. "highlight -O rtf myfile.php | pbcopy". This will highlight the source code in RTF format and copy the result of that operation to your Mac's clipboard.

Step 3:

Paste into your slide in Keynote. Keynote will create a new text box with your highlighted code. You can adjust the width as needed, and adjust the font size with cmd+ and cmd-

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javadba commented Oct 12, 2018

I would like to reduce the inter-line spacing : can either highlight or pygmentize handle that?

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It seems does not support js. :(

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Any plans to add support for --syntax=solidity?

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This is really helpful, thanks a lot. However, I can not get background color working, with canvas setting. Any suggestion?

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Very nice, thanks

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