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Last active Oct 17, 2015
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Zendcon Docker Tutorial README

Is there anythign I should read ahead of time?

Probably not, we're going to cover Docker from basic concepts into a working PHP app environment

Should I install any software?

Yes and no. While I will strive to make this session as interactive as possible, working with Docker does involve moving a good bit of data around, and we are at the mercy of Conference Wifi. The tutorial will be geared towards MacOS and Linux users but should be equally doable on Windows, though I have no personal experience using Docker on Windows.

I definitely encourage you to install the software locally and work along with what I'm demonstrating. I will cover basic installation and setup but won't have time to get into issues with anyone's specific system.

I will be working through the content with the following:

  • Docker 1.6.2
  • Docker Compose 1.3.3
  • Git
  • Bash
  • Vagrant / Virtualbox
  • For my personal work, I install and manage this software with HomeBrew on Mac OS. If you want to / have already installed newer versions of this software, that's fine too. We're not covering anything that's relevant to any particular verison of Docker.

Note: the software specified here is not the absolute bleeding edge for Docker, and I'm doing that on purpose. More on that later. IF you want to match these exactly, I use Homebrew Versions on my Mac for the Docker162 package, and you can brew install to get Compose 1.3.3. Again, not specifically required, but that's what I'll be using.

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