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Created November 21, 2019 10:20
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Conversion between String, str, Vec<u8>, Vec<char> in Rust
use std::str;
fn main() {
// -- FROM: vec of chars --
let src1: Vec<char> = vec!['j','{','"','i','m','m','y','"','}'];
// to String
let string1: String = src1.iter().collect::<String>();
// to str
let str1: &str = &src1.iter().collect::<String>();
// to vec of byte
let byte1: Vec<u8> = src1.iter().map(|c| *c as u8).collect::<Vec<_>>();
println!("Vec<char>:{:?} | String:{:?}, str:{:?}, Vec<u8>:{:?}", src1, string1, str1, byte1);
// -- FROM: vec of bytes --
// in rust, this is a slice
// b - byte, r - raw string, br - byte of raw string
let src2: Vec<u8> = br#"e{"ddie"}"#.to_vec();
// to String
// from_utf8 consume the vector of bytes
let string2: String = String::from_utf8(src2.clone()).unwrap();
// to str
let str2: &str = str::from_utf8(&src2).unwrap();
// to vec of chars
let char2: Vec<char> = src2.iter().map(|b| *b as char).collect::<Vec<_>>();
println!("Vec<u8>:{:?} | String:{:?}, str:{:?}, Vec<char>:{:?}", src2, string2, str2, char2);
// -- FROM: String --
let src3: String = String::from(r#"o{"livia"}"#);
let str3: &str = &src3;
let char3: Vec<char> = src3.chars().collect::<Vec<_>>();
let byte3: Vec<u8> = src3.as_bytes().to_vec();
println!("String:{:?} | str:{:?}, Vec<char>:{:?}, Vec<u8>:{:?}", src3, str3, char3, byte3);
// -- FROM: str --
let src4: &str = r#"g{'race'}"#;
let string4 = String::from(src4);
let char4: Vec<char> = src4.chars().collect();
let byte4: Vec<u8> = src4.as_bytes().to_vec();
println!("str:{:?} | String:{:?}, Vec<char>:{:?}, Vec<u8>:{:?}", src4, string4, char4, byte4);
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Thank you for this

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hvina commented May 5, 2021

Very useful. Thanks

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mugendi commented May 14, 2021

Couldn't tank you enough?

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autoprog commented Aug 8, 2021


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I keep using this as a reference, lol. Thank you!

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dev8118 commented Nov 26, 2021

Thank you so much.
This helped me a lot

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Thank you so much, saved a long night's work!

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spdrman commented Jul 1, 2022


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MFQWKMR4 commented Jul 2, 2022


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Great. Thank you.

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lemoncmd commented Sep 24, 2022

@jimmychu0807 Line 11 & 24: multibyte characters are not supported?

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Lovely. Thanks.

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hello, based department?

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My favourite about Rust would be transforming String using let char3: Vec<char> = src3.chars().collect::<Vec<_>>(); into Vec<char>, it makes so much sense!

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bguo068 commented May 16, 2023

Just found that an alternative way of converting String to Vec is this String::into_bytes().

pub fn into_bytes(self) -> Vec<u8, Global>

Converts a String into a byte vector.

This consumes the String, so we do not need to copy its contents.

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awesome, thanks!

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Red3nzo commented Aug 25, 2023

@jimmychu0807 thank you my friend :)

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Are you god?

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Thanks, super useful collection of examples!

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thank you dear sir !

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