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Manjinder Singh jinder1s

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  • What is your thought on the scope of event_type in openedx_events/
  • Could a single attrs class have multiple event types?

  • One of the reasons behind implementation of the attrs class in openedx_events was ability to reuse in different contexts. As such, we are planning on using those attrs classes to specify events for kafka.

    Should we be using the signal classes in or are the classes in specifically for django signals?

jinder1s / script data input api
Last active July 13, 2020 15:48
We need a common understanding of how the script should take in data to process
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Possible data input:
Listed are flag inputs for script:
--annotations-dir: a path to directory with all annotation files
example: ./annotations -> contains edx-platform-annotations.yml, discovery-annotations.yml...
--toggle-data-dump(name TBD): a path to directory containing directories containing json files with sql data dump
eample: ./data_dump -> contains: prod_env, stage_env, devstack_env -> contains: lms_waffle.json, discovery_waffle.json...
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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: It looks like row 5 should actually have columns, instead of 10. in line 4.
allow_repeat_purchase,,test,ecommerce,True,,2017-06-21 16:05 UTC,,,,2017-06-21 16:05 UTC,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WaffleSwitch
async_order_fulfillment,,test,ecommerce,,,2017-06-21 16:06 UTC,,,,2017-06-21 16:06 UTC,Determines what percentage of orders are fulfilled asynchronously.,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,waffle.sample
auto_course_about_page_creation,,test,discovery,False,,2020-04-01 18:31 UTC,,,,2020-04-01 18:31 UTC,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WaffleSwitch
disable_microfrontend_for_basket_page,,test,ecommerce,,False,2020-04-01 18:28 UTC,Unknown,0,<filter object at 0x105