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zerolx /
Last active March 30, 2020 14:55
How to download from Amazon/Github without stress with timeouts
# Some servers like Amazon (Github use Amazon) set timeout limits to downloads
# If you must download some big file (lets say 500mb) you will be kicked out in middle of download
# That will always happen, blocking you from download.
# To work around this problem you will only need a program that listem for timeouts and can continuate where stops
# I will use Wget (linux) for that
wget -c -O <filename to write> --read-timeout=10 <url>
# -c tells wget to continue where stops
# -O tells wget to write the contents to file specified
dreamwhite /
Created April 11, 2021 11:09
[Google Sync Adapters] How to sync them with microG

Mammamia Marcello what's this?

I know what you're thinking of while reading this gist, but I don't have much spare time to setup a Nextcloud server for syncing my contacts and my calendar This guide is intended for those users like me (lazy af) who wanna sync contacts and calendar with Google server, even if using microG.