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woowa-hsw0 /
Last active Jan 13, 2021
Start AWS CLI Session with MFA Enabled (+Yubikey)
set -eu
umask 0022
if [[ $# -lt 1 ]]; then
echo "Usage: $0 role_name [AWS ACCOUNT NUMBER]" >&2
exit 1
tkafka / LICENSE.txt
Last active Sep 5, 2019
Drop-in replacement for ReactCSSTransitionGroup that uses velocity.js instead of CSS transforms. Add your own transitions to `transitions` hash.
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The MIT License (MIT)
Copyright (c) 2014 Tomas Kafka
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

What is an FRP application.

An FRP application has the following properties

  • Functional, pure, immutable.
  • Reactive, your application is a DAG, you react to "core" inputs and from new outputs.

Being an immutable DAG

If your application is an immutable DAG it has certain properties

View transducerfun.clj
(require '[clojure.core.async :as a])
(def xform (comp (map inc)
(filter even?)
(flatmap range)
(partition-all 3)
(partition-by #(< (apply + %) 7))
(flatmap flatten)
(random-sample 1.0)
View promises.js
// If the ES6 Promise is available, it uses that, else:
Rx.config.Promise = RSVP.Promise;
// To promise with success
.toPromise(/* Optional Promise ctor like RSVP.Promise */)
result => console.log('Result', result),
reason => console.log('Reason', reason));
rygorous / vr_urgh.txt
Last active Mar 23, 2021
What I mean when I say "I think VR is bad news".
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This just got linked to by the Y combinator news account, without proper context,
so a brief introduction: A month ago (end of May / early June 2014) I had a
Twitter conversation with a bunch of acquaintances. One tweet in the middle
of that thread, with obligatory hyperbole, was me saying that I think VR is
bad news.
Well, that part of the thread (but not the rest that provides context) recently
got retweeted, and then someone asked me if I could explain what I mean by that,
and because Twitter is a great platform for delivering 140 character slogans and
not so great for lengthy explanations, I wrote this. So, obligatory disclaimer:
staltz /
Last active May 27, 2022
The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing
allgress / reagent_datascript.cljs
Last active May 23, 2022
Test use of DataScript for state management of Reagent views.
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(ns reagent-test.core
(:require [reagent.core :as reagent :refer [atom]]
[datascript :as d]
[cljs-uuid-utils :as uuid]))
(defn bind
([conn q]
(bind conn q (atom nil)))
View om_data.cljs
(ns om-data.core
(:require [om.core :as om :include-macros true]
[om.dom :as dom :include-macros true]
[datascript :as d]))
(def schema {})
(def conn (d/create-conn schema))
View ReactDefaultBatchingStrategy.js
* Copyright 2013 Facebook, Inc.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software