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Generating Authy passwords on other authenticators

There is an increasing count of applications which use Authy for two-factor authentication. However many users who aren't using Authy, have their own authenticator setup up already and do not wish to use two applications for generating passwords.

Since I use 1Password for all of my password storing/generating needs, I was looking for a solution to use Authy passwords on that. I couldn't find any completely working solutions, however I stumbled upon a gist by Brian Hartvigsen. His post had a neat code with it to generate QR codes for you to use on your favorite authenticator.

His method is to extract the secret keys using Authy's Google Chrome app via Developer Tools. If this was not possible, I guess people would be reverse engineering the Android app or something like that. But when I tried that code, nothing appeared on the screen. My guess is that Brian used the

tkafka / migrate google suite legacy to
Created Jan 21, 2022
Migrate emails from Google Workspace/G suite legacy to free gmail account with
View migrate google suite legacy to
# backup from g suite
~/bin/gyb/gyb --action create-project --email
~/bin/gyb/gyb --email --action backup
# now delete (or preferrably backup) two secrets file in ~/bin/gyb because they contain login for G suite, and GYB is primarily meant for migration between two accounts in a same workspace - see
# and restore to freemail account
~/bin/gyb/gyb --action create-project --email
~/bin/gyb/gyb --email --action restore --local-folder ~/ --label-restored "Migration"
View swiftui preview build step - quit
#!/usr/bin/env bash
if [ "${ENABLE_PREVIEWS}" = "YES" ]; then
echo "Previews enabled, quitting to prevent 'preview paused'."
exit 0;
# ... rest of the script ...
# Success? Clear the exit code that might have been left here by a last command of the script.
tkafka / .swiftformat
Created Jul 16, 2021
Failure of swiftformat 0.48.9 - the `--self init-only` directive causes `error: Unexpected class/static func on line 10 in Test.swift.`
View .swiftformat
--swiftversion 5
--self init-only
View StringPadding.swift
extension String {
func padding(leftTo paddedLength: Int, withPad pad: String = " ", startingAt padStart: Int = 0) -> String
if count < paddedLength {
let rightPadded = padding(toLength: max(count, paddedLength), withPad: pad, startingAt: padStart)
return "".padding(toLength: paddedLength, withPad: rightPadded, startingAt: count % paddedLength)
} else {
return self
tkafka / opengraph.template.html
Last active Mar 16, 2020 — forked from druellan/opengraph.template.html
Basic template for OpenGraph/Facebook metatags
View opengraph.template.html
<html prefix="og:">
<title>{advert.title ořezaný na 60 znaků, případně s trojtečkou pokud jsme ho ořezali} ·</title> <!-- ˜60 chars -->
<meta name="description" content="Nabídka pomoci na — pomáhejme si v době koronaviru"> <!-- Nabidka ˜150 chars -->
<meta name="description" content="Žádost o pomoc na — pomáhejme si v době koronaviru"> <!-- Poptavka ˜150 chars -->
<meta property="og:title" content="{advert.title}">
<meta property="og:description" content="Nabídka pomoci na — pomáhejme si v době koronaviru"> <!-- Nabidka -->
<meta property="og:description" content="Žádost o pomoc na — pomáhejme si v době koronaviru"> <!-- Poptavka -->
tkafka / listAllEventListeners.js
Last active Jun 13, 2022 — forked from dmnsgn/listAllEventListeners.js
List all event listeners in a document
View listAllEventListeners.js
console.table((function listAllEventListeners() {
const allElements ='*'));
allElements.push(document); // we also want document events
const types = [];
for (let ev in window) {
if (/^on/.test(ev)) types[types.length] = ev;
let elements = [];
for (let i = 0; i < allElements.length; i++) {
tkafka /
Last active May 31, 2019 — forked from show0k/
Compile and Install git-lfs on Raspberry Pi (with golang compilation)
set -e
# Get out if git-lfs is already installed
if $(git-lfs &> /dev/null); then
echo "git-lfs is already installed"
tkafka / email od bazose.eml
Last active Apr 4, 2018
U bazose se jako odesilatel zobrazuje ` via`. U nas tam kde podvrhujeme gmail taky: ` via`
View email od bazose.eml
Original Message
Message ID <>
Created at: Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 10:41 AM (Delivered after 0 seconds)
Subject: - odpoved na inzerat 80580804 - Fitbit Ionic - nejlepsi fitness tracker, novy
SPF: PASS with IP Learn more
DMARC: 'FAIL' Learn more
View weathergraph promo.txt
Weathergraph shows:
🕑 Time, of course :)
🏃 Daily steps
❤️ Current heart rate
⛅️ Precise forecast from (Dark Sky/ coming soon!)
🌡 Hour-by-hour temperature (orange chart at the bottom)
🌧 Hour-by-hour precipitation - rain and snow (blue chart overlay)
☁️ Hour-by-hour ☁️ cloudiness (cloud cover) and ☀️ sunshine (clouds on top + sun rays)
🌤 Daily minimum and maximum (overlaid above chart)