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@jjarmoc jjarmoc/xorfile.rb
Created May 31, 2012

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XOR a file with a single byte key, save as file.xor
# XOR an input file with a single byte, save as input.xor
# xorfile(0xff, input)
def xorfile(key, file)"#{file}.xor", 'w') {|f| f.write("#{file}","rb") {|io|}.unpack('C*').map{|x| x ^ key}.pack('C*')) }
# string pack/unpack w/ XOR
"ABCD".unpack('C*').collect{|x| (x ^ 0xa2).chr}.join
=> "\xE3\xE0\xE1\xE6"
"E3E0E1E6".scan(/../).collect{|x| (x.to_i(16) ^ 0xa2).chr}.join
=> "ABCD"
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