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sudo su
apt-get -y update && apt-get -y upgrade
apt-get install vim git-core curl openssh-server openssh-client python-software-properties build-essential zlib1g-dev libssl-dev libreadline-gplv2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev aptitude
/usr/sbin/groupadd wheel
(paste bottom)
%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL
jjarmoc / gist:10890697
Created Apr 16, 2014
cloudflare challenge proof
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$ echo "@jjarmoc has your key" | openssl sha1 -sign server.key -sha1 | openssl enc -base64
jjarmoc / gist:7938988
Created Dec 13, 2013
Microsoft $100,000 bug bounty check easter egg..
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# See for the check I found this on.
1.9.3p484 :001 > nums = [0b01001101, 0b01101001, 0b01100011, 0b01110010, 0b01101111, 0b01110011, 0b01101111, 0b01100110, 0b01110100]
=> [77, 105, 99, 114, 111, 115, 111, 102, 116]
1.9.3p484 :001 >{|x| x.chr }.join
=> "Microsoft"
jjarmoc / whatinzeus_solve.rb
Created May 23, 2013
BSJTF CTF 'What in the name of Zeus?' solve
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require 'packetfu'
require 'ipaddr'
puts "-- Reading packets"
packets = PacketFu::PcapFile.read_packets('./whatinzeus')
output = packets.inject([]){|ret, pkt|
ret.push(PacketFu::EthHeader.str2mac(pkt.eth_dst) =~ "01:00:5e" ? 1 : 0)
jjarmoc / gist:5367196
Last active Dec 16, 2015
Start of ruby HTTP automation...
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require 'httpclient'
cmds = [
{ :method => "POST", :uri => "", :body=>{ 'userid' => 'user', 'pw'=>'password'}, :response=>nil},
{ :method => "GET", :uri =>"", :body=>{}, :response=>nil}
client =
cmds.each do |cmd|
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Twitter for iPhone

Consumer key: IQKbtAYlXLripLGPWd0HUA
Consumer secret: GgDYlkSvaPxGxC4X8liwpUoqKwwr3lCADbz8A7ADU

Twitter for Android

Consumer key: 3nVuSoBZnx6U4vzUxf5w
Consumer secret: Bcs59EFbbsdF6Sl9Ng71smgStWEGwXXKSjYvPVt7qys

Twitter for iPad

Consumer key: CjulERsDeqhhjSme66ECg
jjarmoc / gist:5008251
Created Feb 21, 2013
Overview of how operated when it was alive.
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- Apache configured to accept SSL on a number of ports, each with their own cert demonstrating an individual test case.
- ELBs performing PAT so I had :443 on a number of IPs ending up hitting apache on it's various ports.
- PHP on the webserver would parse the Host Header, and return a response setting a corresponding div to vulnerable
- When the main domain name was accessed, it would instead return a bunch of DIV's each named to correspond to a given vuln, and including the CSS file (generated by PHP above) to test for cert validation.
The end result of all this was a table that looked like the ones shown near the end of;
Tested included;
- Mismatched CN
jjarmoc / gist:4661586
Last active Dec 11, 2015
rails_json_yaml_code_exec Confirmed working on rails 3.0.19 and 2.3.15, both on ruby 1.9.3-p125
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MSF Module;
See also;
jjarmoc / xorfile.rb
Created May 31, 2012
XOR a file with a single byte key, save as file.xor
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# XOR an input file with a single byte, save as input.xor
# xorfile(0xff, input)
def xorfile(key, file)"#{file}.xor", 'w') {|f| f.write("#{file}","rb") {|io|}.unpack('C*').map{|x| x ^ key}.pack('C*')) }
# string pack/unpack w/ XOR
"ABCD".unpack('C*').collect{|x| (x ^ 0xa2).chr}.join
=> "\xE3\xE0\xE1\xE6"
"E3E0E1E6".scan(/../).collect{|x| (x.to_i(16) ^ 0xa2).chr}.join
jjarmoc / gist:1571540
Created Jan 6, 2012
Quoted Printable encode/decode bash aliases - suitable for pipelining
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# To decode:
# qp -d string
# To encode:
# qp string
alias qpd='perl -MMIME::QuotedPrint -pe '\''$_=MIME::QuotedPrint::decode($_);'\'''
alias qpe='perl -MMIME::QuotedPrint -pe '\''$_=MIME::QuotedPrint::encode($_);'\'''
function qp {
if [[ "$1" = "-d" ]]