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BSJTF CTF 'What in the name of Zeus?' solve
require 'packetfu'
require 'ipaddr'
puts "-- Reading packets"
packets = PacketFu::PcapFile.read_packets('./whatinzeus')
output = packets.inject([]){|ret, pkt|
ret.push(PacketFu::EthHeader.str2mac(pkt.eth_dst) =~ "01:00:5e" ? 1 : 0)
puts "\n-- Parsing IPs"
ips = packets.inject([]){|ret, pkt| ret <<, Socket::AF_INET).to_s.split(".") }
octets = []
octets[i] = []
ips.each{|x| octets[i] << x[i]}
puts "\n-- Unique occurences of each octet"
puts "#{octets[0].uniq.count} #{octets[1].uniq.count} #{octets[2].uniq.count} #{octets[3].uniq.count}"
puts "\n-- What's missing from each?"
puts "Octet #{x}"
puts y unless octets[x].include?(y.to_s)
puts ""
puts "\n-- Hmmm... nothing with 0 in the second octet?"
puts "\tThis one has a 0:\t\t\n#{ips.find{|ip| ip[1] == "0"}.join(".")}"
puts "\n--Done."
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