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IRC cheatsheet

channel operator quick reference

direct discussion about administrative action away from the main channel and into #reddit-diabetes-ops to minimise disruption. our -ops channel is the place where users should come to ask for our help. examples:

  • any sort of operator request or discussion of channel administration in the main channel
  • PMs asking why a ban was set
  • reports of harassment (unless the user is confiding in you)
  • any request for operator action

changing channel access permissions

  • consider a mute instead of setting a ban, unless they are an obvious troll/flooder/spammer
  • a /kick without a ban can be used as a warning
  • if a ban is necessary, try to keep your nick from publicly appearing as the user who set the ban. this is especially important if you have interacted with the user in the channel, to prevent any suspicion of bias. using chanserv for enforcement accomplishes this nicely.


  • about hostmasks
  • to ban a user by IP address, use a hostmask like *!*@ or *!*
  • think twice before setting bans for pools of ip addresses with masks like *!*@1.2.3.* or *!*@*, but if abuse is persistent and correlates strongly with the pool it is better to set a ban that is too broad than too narrow and refine it after you have regained control of the channel

the copypasta

note that requesting chanserv to do anything will require you to be authenticated to your nickserv

  • to op yourself: /msg chanserv op #reddit-diabetes
  • to deop yourself: /msg chanserv deop #reddit-diabetes
  • to remove an op mode (requires op): /mode #reddit-diabetes -o clarksonguy04
  • to remove an op mode for up to four users at once (requires op): /mode #reddit-diabetes -oooo Ariensus dosman711 clarksonguy04 awaxa your nick must be last if deopping yourself along with others
  • to set the channel topic: /msg chanserv topic #reddit-diabetes Welcome to the /r/diabetes IRC channel. Please interrupt any off-topic discussion if you would like to talk about diabetes.
  • to append to the channel topic: /msg chanserv topicappend #reddit-diabetes FYI about recent abusive intrusions:
  • to prepend to the channel topic: /msg chanserv topicprepend #reddit-diabetes FYI about recent abusive intrusions:
  • to set the topic manually (requires op): /topic FYI about recent abusive intrusions:
  • to kick a user out of the channel (requires op): /kick nick
  • to mute a user: /msg chanserv quiet #reddit-diabetes nick!
  • to unmute a user: /msg chanserv unquiet #reddit-diabetes nick!
  • to list muted users: /mode #reddit-diabetes +q
  • to set a mute mode (requires op): /mode #reddit-diabetes +q nick!
  • to ban a user: /msg chanserv akick #reddit-diabetes add nick! ban reason | private notes
  • to unban a user: /msg chanserv akick #reddit-diabetes del nick!
  • to list bans: /msg chanserv akick #reddit-diabetes list
  • to list ban modes: /mode #reddit-diabetes +b
  • to set a ban mode (requires op): /mode #reddit-diabetes +b nick!

handling troll/flood barrages

  • remember that this is irc and people are not going to die if they get spammed a little bit
  • try to handle it with quick /kick commands and subsequent akick rules
  • contact other ops for help
  • if you are overwhelmed, you can regain some stability by muting unregistered users with /mode #reddit-diabetes +q $~a while you ban the ip addresses that the troll is wielding. if you need to do this, throw this link in the topic to explain the situation:
  • if the channel is deluged with joins/parts you can temporarily block unregistered users from joining the channel with /mode #reddit-diabetes +r

resources for operator advice

reference information to link to users

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ghost commented Oct 15, 2018

this information has helped me a lot, thanks!

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AImissq commented Mar 22, 2020

very useful helped me setup #ircclientsdiscussion

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