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Created October 2, 2018 22:49
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Public Function ShouldProjectToMV(ByVal csentry As CSEntry, ByRef MVObjectType As String) As Boolean Implements IMASynchronization.ShouldProjectToMV
If csentry.DN.ToString.ToLower.Contains("functional") Then
MVObjectType = "functionalID"
ShouldProjectToMV = True
ElseIf csentry.DN.ToString.ToLower.Contains("fimaccess") Then
'Those people who need to administer FIM, need a user account in the portal, so treat them as such and Project!
MVObjectType = "person"
ShouldProjectToMV = True
ElseIf csentry("employeeID").IsPresent Then
'Real users - e.g. those created by the User Office process and those historical users no longer in CDR (Initial Pre-Load) - But CDR is authoratative for all new users - so Projection occurs there also - this handles "normal" users - e.g. those fed from CDR directly.
MVObjectType = "person"
ShouldProjectToMV = True
Throw New UnexpectedDataException("Unreferenced User type=" & csentry("samAccountName").Value)
End If
Throw New EntryPointNotImplementedException()
End Function
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