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Process To Email The Manager Of A Service Account When Their End Date Is Approaching
Case "functionalID-owner-expiring-ADMA-Import"
If csentry.DN.ToString.ToLower.Contains("service") Or csentry.DN.ToString.ToLower.Contains("somethingelse") Then
If mventry("serialNumber").IsPresent Then
Dim AdminEntry() As MVEntry = Utils.FindMVEntries("mail", mventry("serialNumber").Value)
If AdminEntry.Length <> 0 Then
'We got an entry, so work with it... If the employeeEndDate of the parent account is within 30 days, set the flag - used in the portal to email the manager of the account.
If AdminEntry(0).Item("employeeEndDate").IsPresent Then
Dim EndDate As Date = DateTime.ParseExact(AdminEntry(0).Item("employeeEndDate").Value.ToString, "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.000", provider).Date
Dim nowTime As Date = Date.Now.Date.AddDays(30)
If EndDate <= nowTime Then
'the parent account will be disabled within 30 days, so set the expiry flag in the MV to true:
mventry("functionalID-owner-expiring").BooleanValue = True
ElseIf EndDate > nowTime Then
'the parent account is still active so set the flag to false:
mventry("functionalID-owner-expiring").BooleanValue = False
End If
End If
ElseIf AdminEntry.Length = 0 Then
If Not generateArrayFromFile("C:\FIMControl\IgnoreFunctionalIDOwner.txt").Contains(mventry("serialNumber").Value.ToLower) Then
Throw New FailedSearchException("Functional ID Owner NOT Found!" & mventry("accountName").Value.ToLower)
End If
End If
End If
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