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Created October 16, 2017 21:47
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FIM/MIM - Update on my Generic Array From File post
Public Class MAExtensionObject_MYADMA
Implements IMASynchronization
'Date & Logginglevel variables for logging files:
Dim dtDateNowHour As Integer = Date.Now.Hour
Dim dtDateNowDay As Integer = Date.Now.Day
Dim dtDateNowMonth As Integer = Date.Now.Month
Dim dtDateNowYear As Integer = Date.Now.Year
Dim loggingLevel As Integer = 0
Dim ValidMailSuffixes As ArrayList = generateArrayFromFile("C:\FIMControl\ValidMailSuffixes.txt") ' Extra suffixes can be added to the text file defined here
Dim IgnoreFunctionalIDOwner As ArrayList = generateArrayFromFile("C:\FIMControl\IgnoreFunctionalIDOwner.txt") ' Extra odd functionalID owners can be added to the text file defined here
Dim IgnoreEmailAddressErrors As ArrayList = generateArrayFromFile("C:\FIMControl\IgnoreEmailAddressErrors.txt") ' Extra odd email addresses can be added to the text file defined here
Public Function generateArrayFromFile(ByVal file As String) As ArrayList
Dim arrayFromFile As New ArrayList()
Dim reader As New System.IO.StreamReader(file)
While Not (reader.Peek() = -1)
End While
Catch ex As IOException
End Try
Return arrayFromFile
End Function
Case "emailAddressPresent-ADMA-Import"
'AD attributes required: mail and msExchHomeServerName
' Default setting = False
mventry("emailAddressPresent").Value = "False"
If csentry("mail").IsPresent And csentry("msExchHomeServerName").IsPresent Then
Dim suffix() As String = Split((csentry("mail").Value), "@")
If ValidMailSuffixes.Contains(suffix(1).ToLower) Then
mventry("emailAddressPresent").Value = "True"
'If a suffix from the above is not found - raise an error, so that the suffix can be added to the text file or simply sorted out - where a mistake was made.
Throw New Exception("Invalid email suffix found: " & suffix(1))
End If
ElseIf csentry("mail").IsPresent And csentry("mailNickName").IsPresent Then
'This person is a mail enabled user, maybe with an island site email address or just something else, so we want them to be able to be added to distribution lists....
mventry("emailAddressPresent").Value = "True"
End If
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