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Listen. Learn. Grow
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jnaulty /
Created December 20, 2021 23:21
Non '*' links for Kostas Kryptos's Onboarding material for blockchain engineers and researchers
def insert_file(filename, index, value):
with open(filename, "r") as f:
contents = f.readlines()
contents.insert(index, value)
with open(filename, "w") as f:
contents = "".join(contents)

NeuroTech SF Hacknight

Meetup Date: 2020-02-27


Are you passionate about neurotechnology? Whether you are a student, a researcher or a professional working in this fascinating field, this event is for you!

NeuroTechX (the largest global community focused on neurotechnology) invites you to join us for an evening social and a presentation of everything you should know about what happened in neurotechnology in 2019 from around the world.

Come join us for the San Francisco version of this exciting event which has been happening in many other chapter cities around the world.


6:30 - Door open. Light snacks, informal introductions & networking.

7:00 - Introduction from Karuna Labs

7:05 - NeuroTechX, Buzz in Review presentation.

8:00 - Open-discussion and networking.

9:00 - Finish

I would like to thank Karuna Labs for hosting us for this event. Look forward to seeing you there.

jnaulty / Dystopian Labs -
Last active September 5, 2020 12:18
Dystopian Labs Trust Less Validator Conference 2020

video link

  • play defcon CTF annually
  • based in SF and Berlin

Why Tendermint(Cosmos)?

jnaulty /
Created June 6, 2020 02:59
Attempt at the March Honk CTF. Honk!

HonkCI Challenge

March 21, 2020

What namespaces exist?

!honkctl get ns

jnaulty /
Last active September 5, 2020 12:18
Trust-Less 2020 Dystopia Labs | How To Identify Which Proof-Of-Stake Networks Are Worth Mining | With Luke Youngblood (Exec. @ Coinbase Custody)

The Gotchas of Zero-Downtime Traffic /w Kubernetes

Speaker: Leigh Capili, Weaveworks

Video Link Demo Github Link

Pod Shutdown Procedure

  • kube-apiserver receives delete
jnaulty /
Last active January 16, 2020 18:17
Notes from the OWASP SF meetup Jan 15, 2020


Jan 15, 2020

URL: Meetup

Talk 2

Dear Security, You're Wasting the Company's Money (Daniel Davis)

jnaulty /
Created January 7, 2020 23:11
ODSC Kubernetes Notes 2018

Kubernetes Materials

Author: John Naulty Date: August 12, 2019

Video Notes

Hour-long Dive into Kubernetes

jnaulty /
Last active December 28, 2019 14:51
setup M5Stack device

Dev Setup



  • arduino IDE (configured to work with esp32)
  • pyserial
  • git

Retrieve Arduino From their software page