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Created November 14, 2012 12:40
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Capybara.add_selector :record do
xpath { |record| XPath.css("#" + ActionController::RecordIdentifier.dom_id(record)) }
match { |record| record.is_a?(ActiveRecord::Base) }
post = Post.first
within post do
fill_in("What's going on here", :with => "Holy shit this works??")
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gmile commented Nov 14, 2012


Capybara.add_selector :post

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@gmile, it works with any ActiveRecord instance, not just Posts. That's the beauty of it. In fact it could be made to work with anything that works with dom_id, not just ActiveRecord, but I'm too lazy to figure out how.

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Awesome :)

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dcaliri commented Nov 14, 2012


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Hakon commented Nov 14, 2012

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sush commented Nov 14, 2012

Awesome ❤️

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pcreux commented Nov 15, 2012


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