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module Left(){
board_thickness = 1.600000;
eta = 0.1;
board_size = [17.450000,48.250000,board_thickness];
fn = 18;
board_origin = [1.270000,1.270000];
translate(board_origin)cube(board_size); //Board
translate([16.510,27.940,-eta])cylinder(r=0.508000, h=board_thickness+eta*2,$fn=fn); //1X06 1
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# If there is a rebar in the current directory, use it
ifeq ($(wildcard rebar3),rebar3)
REBAR3 = $(CURDIR)/rebar3
# Fallback to rebar on PATH
REBAR3 ?= $(shell test -e `which rebar3` 2>/dev/null && which rebar3 || echo "./rebar3")
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➜ riak git:(develop) ✗ ./rel/riak/bin/riak config generate
11:19:50.527 [warning] You've tried to set anti_entrophy, but there is no setting with that name.
11:19:50.527 [warning] it could be a typo. Did you mean one of these?
11:19:50.545 [warning] anti_entropy
11:19:50.545 [warning] anti_entropy.tick
11:19:50.545 [warning] anti_entropy.expire
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app.config field riak.conf variable
yokozuna.enabled yokozuna
yokozuna.solr_port yokozuna.solr_port
yokozuna.solr_jmx_port yokozuna.solr_jmx_port
yokozuna.solr_jvm_args yokozuna.solr_jvm_args
yokozuna.yz_dir yokozuna.data_dir
riak_repl.data_root mdc.data_root
riak_core.cluster_mgr mdc.cluster_manager
riak_repl.max_fssource_cluster mdc.max_fssource_cluster
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*Window A*
➜ ~ erl -name node@ -setcookie joe
*Window B*
# 1, try starting erl with -remsh via open_port
➜ ~ erl
Erlang R15B03 (erts- [source] [64-bit] [smp:4:4] [async-threads:0] [kernel-poll:false]
Eshell V5.9.3.1 (abort with ^G)
1> P = open_port({spawn, "erl -name local@ -hidden -remsh node@ -setcookie joe"},
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Download EasySIMBL:
Download Maximizer:
EasySIMBL is SIMBL with some added compatibility for OS X Lion / Mount'n Lion.
Drag the app to your applications folder, open it up and check the box that says "Use SIMBL".
Then click the button that says "Show Plugin Folder" and drag the Maximizer into that folder.
Close EasySIMBL and Emacs.
When you reopen emacs, you'll be able to go into fullscreen emacs by clicking the arrows on the top right corner.
The end.