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Created March 18, 2023 14:59
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Composition rules

  1. Horiztonal Horizons
  • hold the camera with the horizon (no jaunty angles)
  • saves crop and loss
  1. Rule of thirds -
  • Use grid
  • if person walking, put bigger space to the side they are walking. Move/See into.
  • Focus on the eye
  • Exception is reflection shots
  • Composition beats fitting everything in
  1. Framing
  • Deliberately include something near in landscape photos to give it depth
  1. Check your backgtound
  • Make the subject contrast
  • Don't like poles etc come out of peoples heads and distract
  1. Fill the frame
  • Folks know what things look like, crop them out
  1. Leading lines
  • use to guide the eye, make it come from the corner
  1. Anything but eye-level
  • go high and go low,
  • meet a subject at their level (dogs, cats), more intimate
  • take shots looking up
  1. Look for details
  • spot small things, reflections in eyes
  • raindrops on leafs, feather details
  1. Vertical shots
  • some subjects fit this better, also changes landscape photos is it has a depth
  1. Break the rules
  • sometimes try a weird thing
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