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I can't install a package!

UPDATE: According to npm Inc., the issue has been resolved. This gist will be updated with a link to the post-mortem once it's published. Please make sure to read the below explanation anyway, since there may still be a security impact for you.

UPDATE 2: An initial statement has been released, in which npm Inc. states that there has been no security impact. A full post-mortem is said to be forthcoming, and will be added here when it's published.

UPDATE 3: The full postmortem has been published, including a list of affected packages.

There's currently a known issue affecting the NPM registry, making certain packages impossible to install. You may see an error message indicating that a package doesn't exist, or that the registry is down. More details can be found here.

What are the consequences?

  1. You will not be able to install the missing packages.
  2. If you've installed any of the missing packages during the incident, it is possible that you may have installed malware. There are no confirmed cases of this yet, but there are reports that it's possible for third parties to re-register missing package names, which would theoretically allow them to install malware.

What should I do now?

  • Do not install any packages until the issue has been resolved.
  • If you've installed packages today, please go through them and verify as best as you can that there are no malicious postinstall scripts in them.
  • If you're paying for private NPM hosting, please wait for NPM to resolve the issue, and afterwards contact NPM support to ask them for a post-mortem describing the impact, its cause, and whether any malicious packages were uploaded.
  • Rotate (ie. replace/regenerate) any credentials (passwords, keypairs, certificates, ...) on systems where you've installed NPM packages today during the incident.
  • Consider setting up your own 'registry proxy' using verdaccio, so that you won't be affected by issues like this in the future.
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