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Ember update for Sept 18 2012
aug 27
Application must call initialize (this is breaking)
disconnectOutlet method added, used rarely
ember-bootstrap project has moved
dagda1 article on routing
sept 10
add currentPath to Ember.StateManager and therefore the router as shorthand for calling currentState.path
Ember.Application docs
Trek's article
Ember Handlebars Helpers, Bound and Unbound from Jo Liss
sept 18
Handlebars 1.0.rc.1 -> tho named 1.0.7 temporarily due to node/npm issue
mostly bug fixes and reminder it's separated from Ember and must be incl manually
addition of "after" to injections
new docs based on YUIDoc
WIP on router API
Lots more Stack Overflow questions -- ask people to help
shout outs to + Luke

sept 17

Application.initialize() will be called on DOMContentLoaded unless you specify it not to by setting autoinit: false
You only need to have an application template, to have it be appended and its controller set to the applicationController on Application.ready

Also, inline templates have been removed (anonymous templates that replace themselves). If you don't specify a data-template-name it will be assumed that it is the application template.

Sept 4 added which is same as except it lets you specify a queue.

Oct 19 you can use the each helper like the collection helper and specify an itemViewClass attribute.

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