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Arrows on the ends of spines for matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
def arrowed_spines(ax=None, arrow_length=20, labels=('', ''), arrowprops=None):
xlabel, ylabel = labels
if ax is None:
ax = plt.gca()
if arrowprops is None:
arrowprops = dict(arrowstyle='<|-', facecolor='black')
for i, spine in enumerate(['left', 'bottom']):
# Set up the annotation parameters
t = ax.spines[spine].get_transform()
xy, xycoords = [1, 0], ('axes fraction', t)
xytext, textcoords = [arrow_length, 0], ('offset points', t)
ha, va = 'left', 'bottom'
# If axis is reversed, draw the arrow the other way
top, bottom = ax.spines[spine].axis.get_view_interval()
if top < bottom:
xy[0] = 0
xytext[0] *= -1
ha, va = 'right', 'top'
if spine is 'bottom':
xarrow = ax.annotate(xlabel, xy, xycoords=xycoords, xytext=xytext,
textcoords=textcoords, ha=ha, va='center',
yarrow = ax.annotate(ylabel, xy[::-1], xycoords=xycoords[::-1],
xytext=xytext[::-1], textcoords=textcoords[::-1],
ha='center', va=va, arrowprops=arrowprops)
return xarrow, yarrow
2t7 commented Oct 24, 2014

Nice piece of code! A usage example would be nice, and maybe a comment on copyright / license

lgblkb commented May 25, 2016

Agree). Example would be nice.

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