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Last active Oct 29, 2020
Bootstrapping - a list of useful resources to get up and running quickly


UPDATE: This list is no longer maintained. I've moved it to its own repo so you can send suggestions as Pull Requests.

For feedback or suggestions, please send a tweet (@dideler). Gist comments don't notify me. Pull requests aren't possible with gists (yet), so I don't recommend forking because then I can't easily get the change.

Starring this gist will give me an idea of how many people consider this list useful.

ramontayag / gist:1101138
Created Jul 23, 2011
How I setup my Apotomo widgets
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Your app/widgets directory can get crazy pretty fast. If you're learning Apotomo, then you'll probably move things around and try many ways to order your widgets directory. This is not so much about that - I still haven't found a good way to organize my widgets, but I've found a way to keep the widget classes themselves DRY.

Create an ApplicationWidget just like Rails' ApplicationController

And it should look something like this:

# A BaseWidget to apply stuff to widgets across
# the board. All widgets should inherit from this
class ApplicationWidget < Apotomo::Widget
  include ActionController::RecordIdentifier # so I can use `dom_id`
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