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Polyfill the EventListener interface in IE8

EventListener Polyfill

Is IE8 your new IE6? Level the playing field with polyfills.

This script polyfills addEventListener, removeEventListener, and dispatchEvent. It is less than half a kilobyte minified and gzipped.


addEventListener registers a single event listener on a single target.


target.addEventListener(type, listener);

type: A string representing the event type to listen for.

listener: The object that receives a notification when an event of the specified type occurs. This must be an object implementing the EventListener interface, or simply a JavaScript function.

It should be noted that useCapture has not been polyfilled.


removeEventListener unregisters a single event listener on a single target.


target.removeEventListener(type, listener);

type: A string representing the event type being removed.

listener: The EventListener object or function to be removed.

It should be noted that useCapture has not been polyfilled.


Dispatches an event into the event system. The event is subject to the same capturing and bubbling behavior as directly dispatched events.


bool = target.dispatchEvent(event);

event: An event object to be dispatched.

It should be noted that document.createEvent has not been polyfilled.

!window.addEventListener && (function (WindowPrototype, DocumentPrototype, ElementPrototype, addEventListener, removeEventListener, dispatchEvent, registry) {
WindowPrototype[addEventListener] = DocumentPrototype[addEventListener] = ElementPrototype[addEventListener] = function (type, listener) {
var target = this;
registry.unshift([target, type, listener, function (event) {
event.currentTarget = target;
event.preventDefault = function () { event.returnValue = false };
event.stopPropagation = function () { event.cancelBubble = true }; = event.srcElement || target;, event);
this.attachEvent("on" + type, registry[0][3]);
WindowPrototype[removeEventListener] = DocumentPrototype[removeEventListener] = ElementPrototype[removeEventListener] = function (type, listener) {
for (var index = 0, register; register = registry[index]; ++index) {
if (register[0] == this && register[1] == type && register[2] == listener) {
return this.detachEvent("on" + type, registry.splice(index, 1)[0][3]);
WindowPrototype[dispatchEvent] = DocumentPrototype[dispatchEvent] = ElementPrototype[dispatchEvent] = function (eventObject) {
return this.fireEvent("on" + eventObject.type, eventObject);
})(Window.prototype, HTMLDocument.prototype, Element.prototype, "addEventListener", "removeEventListener", "dispatchEvent", []);
!window.addEventListener&&function(e,t,n,r,i,s,o){e[r]=t[r]=n[r]=function(e,t){var n=this;o.unshift([n,e,t,function(e){e.currentTarget=n,e.preventDefault=function(){e.returnValue=!1},e.stopPropagation=function(){e.cancelBubble=!0},||n,,e)}]),this.attachEvent("on"+e,o[0][3])},e[i]=t[i]=n[i]=function(e,t){for(var n=0,r;r=o[n];++n)if(r[0]==this&&r[1]==e&&r[2]==t)return this.detachEvent("on"+e,o.splice(n,1)[0][3])},e[s]=t[s]=n[s]=function(e){return this.fireEvent("on"+e.type,e)}}(Window.prototype,HTMLDocument.prototype,Element.prototype,"addEventListener","removeEventListener","dispatchEvent",[])

MoOx commented Mar 12, 2013

Just to let you know, the awesome aight.js now use this polyfill :)
Thanks for this one !

Extramez commented Jul 9, 2015

Можно оптимизировать работу функций таким образом:
//registry = {};

//newEvent :::
var array = registry[type]||(registry[type] = new Array());
array.pop([tagret, listener, function(){.................}]);
this.attachEvent(type, array[array.length-1][2]);

for(var i=0,sl=registry[type];sl&&sl[i];i++){
if(sl[i][0]===this&&sl[i][2]===func) return this.detachEvent(ev, sl.splice(i,1)[0][3]);

Это принесет как минимум два плюса:

  1. Метод pop() работает быстрее метода unshift()
  2. При удалении события не нужно будет перебирать registry, в которой может быть огромное кол-во событий, а можно будет сразу обратится к registry[type] и вот там уже провести поиск.

decebal commented Oct 28, 2015

@Extramez, great suggestion, but why not English ?

"Object doesn't support this action" in IE8 for, event);

TViT commented Sep 28, 2017

Extramez спасибо! Голова!

Worthy7 commented Dec 7, 2017

I am also getting "Object doesn't support this action" in IE8 for, event); @alexcroox did you solve it?

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