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Jon jonbjornn

  • Bay Area, CA
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jonbjornn / gist:a55c0e70a46219057b619bb472846cd7
Created May 17, 2017 — forked from mbrindley/gist:9980808
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March 2014
Android: 24373502
Total: 325723711
Android: 0.0748287618520962
Gmail: 34758335
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* Do not remove this section; it allows our team to troubleshoot and track feature adoption.
* TS:0002-07-017
lp.jQuery(function($) {
// Replace email_address with the actual ID of your form field.
jonbjornn / helm.zsh-theme
Last active Nov 12, 2015
Helm ZSH Theme
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# vim:ft=zsh ts=2 sw=2 sts=2
# Created by Jon Bjornn based on agnoster's Theme
jonbjornn / syntax.css
Last active Oct 16, 2015
Syntax highlighter for jekyll sites (using Pygments) tbat takes it's cues from the "80's Baby" theme
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/* Custom rules for word wrap and line numbers */
.highlight .lineno { color: #ccc; display:inline-block; padding-right: 2px;}
.highlight pre code { display: block; white-space: pre; overflow-x: auto; word-wrap: normal; }
/* Any indented lines have been changed from generic Github-style syntax highlighting. */
.highlight { background: #2e2e31; }
.highlight .n { color: #be9cff } /* Not sure what element this is */
.highlight .p { color: #ffffff } /* "Punctuation" I believe. According to Pygments documentation */
jonbjornn / SassMeister-input.scss
Created Sep 26, 2014
Generated by
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// ----
// Sass (v3.4.4)
// Compass (v1.0.1)
// ----
This is a Global CSS document.
For message specific styles, please
preview the individual messages.
jonbjornn / SassMeister-input-HTML.html
Created Mar 11, 2014
Generated by
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<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
<div class="loading wave">
<!-- For Firefox -->
<div class="loading loading-2 wave wave-2">
<div class="ff">For browsers that don't support background-clip:text:</div>
<div class="loading-2-text"></div>
jonbjornn / SassMeister-input-HTML.html
Created Mar 11, 2014
Generated by
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<h1>Lorem ipsum dolor</h1>
<h2>Lorem ipsum dolor</h2>
<h3>Lorem ipsum dolor</h3>
<h4>Lorem ipsum dolor</h4>
<h5>Lorem ipsum dolor</h5>
<h6>Lorem ipsum dolor</h6>
<h1>Lorem ipsum dolor</h1>
<h2>Lorem ipsum dolor</h2>
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* The first commented line is your dabblet’s title
* {
background: #f06;
background: linear-gradient(45deg, #f06, yellow);
min-height: 100%;
View Caffeine-Animation.markdown

Caffeine Animation

HTML5 and JavaScript animation that shows the molecular structure of Caffeine. The double bonds in Caffeine are displayed by darkening the lines.

A Pen by Tomasz Foster on CodePen.


jonbjornn / StitchedCSS.markdown
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Stitched CSS Effect
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Stitched CSS Effect

Basic CSS Effect for a button or div, or whatever really.

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