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Trying to stay in the right branch of the wave function.

Jon Schlinkert jonschlinkert

Trying to stay in the right branch of the wave function.
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jonschlinkert / parse-regex.js
Last active May 24, 2021
I created this to see how hard it would be to provide syntax highlighting for regex in the terminal. Try it out and see for yourself!
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'use strict';
const colors = require('ansi-colors');
const chars = {
backslash: '\\',
backtick: '`',
caret: '^',
colon: ':',
comma: ',',
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'use strict';
const download = require('download');
* Download all ballots
const dl = async (baseurl, dest) => {
const pending = [];
jonschlinkert /
Last active Nov 16, 2021
Free speech is not without exceptions.

What Does Free Speech Mean?

Among other cherished values, the First Amendment protects freedom of speech. The U.S. Supreme Court often has struggled to determine what exactly constitutes protected speech. The following are examples of speech, both direct (words) and symbolic (actions), that the Court has decided are either entitled to First Amendment protections, or not.

Freedom of speech includes the right:

  • Not to speak (specifically, the right not to salute the flag). West Virginia Board of Education v. Barnette, 319 U.S. 624 (1943).
  • Of students to wear black armbands to school to protest a war (“Students do not shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate.”). Tinker v. Des Moines, 393 U.S. 503 (1969).
  • To use certain offensive words and phrases to convey political messages. Cohen v. California, 403 U.S. 15 (1971).
  • To contribute money (under certain circumstances) to political campaigns. Buckley v. Valeo, 424 U.S. 1 (1976).
View async-string-replace.js
const replace = async (input, regex, replacer) => {
// we need to remove the 'g' flag, if defined, so that all replacements can be made
let flags = (regex.flags || '').replace('g', '');
let re = new RegExp(regex.source || regex, flags);
let index = 0;
let match;
while ((match = re.exec(input.slice(index)))) {
let value = await replacer(...match);
index += match.index;
jonschlinkert / try-open.js
Last active Jun 25, 2019
Simple way to open a file or directory in a text editor or file manager, whichever is resolved first.
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const cmds = { linux: 'xdg-open', win32: 'start', darwin: 'open' };
const open = cmds[process.platform];
const tryOpen = (dirname, editors = ['sublime', 'code', open]) => {
try {
cp.execSync([editors[0], dirname].join(' '));
console.log('Opening in ' + editors[0]);
} catch (err) {
if (editors.length === 0) {
throw new Error('Cannot find an editor to open');
jonschlinkert /
Created Jun 19, 2019
The very brief guide to getting rid of NPM's annoying "vulnerability" messages for packages that have been patched.

How to get the latest patch

This little guide describes what to do when:

  1. You see a vulnerability warning for a package, and
  2. The package has already been fixed, and a patch version has been released.


  1. Delete all lock files
jonschlinkert / permutations-with-max-depth.js
Last active Aug 11, 2022
Generate all permutations of an array. Alternative to the many variants of heap's algorithm I keep finding on the interweb. Every single algorithm I found produced incorrect results. This one is correct.
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* This variant takes a max depth as the second argument.
const permutations = (value, max = value.length) => {
let depth = Math.min(max, value.length);
let results = [];
const permute = (queue = []) => {
if (queue.length === depth) {

Guide to Contributing to Enquirer


Thanks for choosing to contribute to Enquirer! We're so happy that you're contributing to open source projects, and we're even happier that one of those projects is ours!


There is no faster, more effective way to improve a product than from the feedback from the first experience of a new user -- Jon Schlinkert

jonschlinkert /
Last active Mar 4, 2021
Clone all repos for the given user/org. Just replace <USERNAME> and run this in the command line.
curl -s<USERNAME>/repos?per_page=100 | ruby -rjson -e 'JSON.load( {|repo| %x[git clone #{repo["clone_url"]} ]}'
jonschlinkert / async-engine.js
Last active Feb 12, 2021
PoC of an async template engine using native template literals and async-await. Response to
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const compile = (input, helpers, thisArg) => {
return async data => {
let ctx = { ...thisArg, };
let keys = [];
let vals = [];
if (helpers) {
for (let key of Object.keys(helpers)) {
if (ctx[key] === void 0) {
ctx[key] = (...args) => helpers[key].call(ctx, ...args);