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Hide your cursor on a web page when it is idle. Great if you're using a web page for some sort of TV Display and don't want the cursor messing things up.
//Requires jQuery -
$(document).ready(function() {
var idleMouseTimer;
var forceMouseHide = false;
$("body").css('cursor', 'none');
$("#wrapper").mousemove(function(ev) {
if(!forceMouseHide) {
$("body").css('cursor', '');
idleMouseTimer = setTimeout(function() {
$("body").css('cursor', 'none');
forceMouseHide = true;
setTimeout(function() {
forceMouseHide = false;
}, 200);
}, 1000);
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should be able to just move your mouse. It automatically unhides with movement.

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JohnTC commented Mar 6, 2021

It should only work on fullscreen ... on normal screen the function should stop.
I tried it with $('#wrapper').off("mousemove"); … but that does not work.

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