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Joshua Davis joshuadavis

  • New York City
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ethankhall / ivyConverter.groovy
Created Nov 8, 2013
Ivy to Gradle dependency converter
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println("dependencies {")
def ivyModule = new XmlParser().parse(new File('ivy.xml'))
ivyModule.dependencies.dependency.each {
def scope = it.@conf?.contains("test") ? "testCompile" : "compile"
println("\t$scope '${it.@org}:${it.@name}:${it.@rev}'")
chilicat / disable-findbugs.gradle
Last active Jan 18, 2018
Gradle Findbugs: This gradle script will disable findbugs until "findbugs" task is in the task graph. This allows to skip the findbugs verification for cases it is not needed.
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allprojects {
// Marker Task to enable findbugs.
task findbugs(
group: "Verification",
description: """Marker task to enabled findbugs. Findbugs is by default
disabled. E.g. ( ./gradlew findbugs build )"""
subprojects {
mojavelinux /
Created Oct 20, 2010
A sample CDI extension for eagerly instantiating @ApplicationScoped beans annotated @startup
public class StartupBean
public void onStartup()
System.out.println("Application starting up.");
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