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`cm showcommands --all` output for `cm version` that returned ``: command `wi` are missing
Show info about workspace selector.
cm wi [wk_path]
wk_path Path of a workspace on the machine.
The wi command shows the working configuration of a workspace (repository,
branch, and/or label).
cm wi c:\mywk
Essential commands:
Command Short Description
add Add an item to version control.
annotate blame Show the changeset where each line of a
file was last modified and its author.
checkin ci Stores changes in the repository.
checkout co Mark files as ready to modify.
diff Diff files, changesets and labels.
find Run SQL-like queries to find Plastic SCM
help Get help of a Plastic SCM command.
history hist Display the history of a file or
issuetracker it Get, update or find the issue status in
the specified issue tracker.
label lb Apply an existing label to a given
log Get info of revs in changesets.
makebranch mkbr Create a new branch.
makelabel mklb Create a new label and applies it to a
given changeset.
makeworkspace mkwk Create a new workspace.
merge Merge a branch with another branch.
move mv Move or rename a file or directory.
partial Run commands in a partial workspace.
patch Generates a patch file from a spec or
applies a generated patch to the current
remove rm Delete a file or directory from version
replicate Push or pull a branch to another repo.
shelve Shelve the contents of checkouts.
showcommands Show all the available commands.
status Show changes in the workspace.
switch Switch the workspace to a branch, cset,
label or shelve.
undochange unc Undo the changes on a path.
undocheckout unco Undo the checkout on an item.
update upd Update the workspace and download latest
version Show current client version number.
xlink Create, edit or display info of an
Additional commands:
Command Short Description
objectspec Describes how to write object specs.
changelist clist Group pending changes in changelists.
changeset cset Execute advanced operations on
changeworkspace cwk Change the workspace location.
codereview cr Create, edit or delete code reviews.
getfile cat Download the content of a given
getstatus Get the status of an item.
listrepositories lrep List the repositories of a server.
listworkspaces lwk List registered workspaces.
ls dir List the contents of a tree.
makeattribute mkatt Create a new attribute.
query Execute SQL queries. Requires SQL
removeattribute rmatt Remove an attribute.
removebranch rmbr Remove one or more branches.
removelabel rmlb Remove one or more labels.
removeworkspace rmwk Remove a workspace.
renameattribute rnatt Rename an attribute.
renamebranch rnbr Rename a branch.
renamelabel rnlb Rename a label.
renamerepository rnrep Rename a repository.
renameworkspace rnwk Rename a workspace.
revert Revert an item to a previous rev.
rmattributereal Remove an attribute in an object.
setattribute statt Set an attribute to a given object.
showfindobjects sfo List objects and attributes.
synchronize sync Syncronize with Git.
tube Run commands related to Plastic Tube.
uncounchanged unuc Undo non-changed checked out items.
undelete Undelete an item from a specific
whoami id Show the current Plastic SCM user.
Administrative commands:
Command Short Description
activateuser au Activate a licensed user.
addrepository addrep Connect an existing repository by adding
its database.
admin Execute administrative commands on the
archive arch Archive data in external storage.
changerevisiontype crt Change an item revision type
changetrigger chtr Edit a trigger.
checkconnection Check the connection to a server.
checkdatabase chkdb Check the repositories integrity.
deactivateuser du Deactivate a licensed user.
fast-export fe Export a repository using a fast-export
fast-import fi Import Git fast-export data into a
iostats Show statistics about the hardware.
licenseinfo li Display license information and license
listlocks Show locks on a server.
listtriggers ltr Show info of a type of trigger.
listusers lu List users and groups.
makerepository mkrep Create a repository in a server.
maketrigger mktr Create a new trigger in a server.
passwd Change the user password (UP).
removerepository rmrep Remove a repository from a server.
removetrigger rmtr Delete a trigger.
showtriggertypes stt Display available trigger types.
unlock Undo item locks on a lockserver.
Security commands:
Command Short Description
acl Set permissions on an object.
setowner sto Set the owner of an object.
showacl sa Show the ACL of an object.
showowner so Show the owner of an object.
showpermissions sp List the available permissions.
Automation commands:
Command Short Description
branchhistory Show the history of a branch.
checkselectorsyntax Check the syntax of a selector.
crypt Crypt a password.
diffmetrics Show diff metrics between two revs.
fileinfo Retrieve detailed information about the
items in the workspace.
findchanged fc Get a list of changed files. This command
is deprecated and kept just for
compatibility. Use cm status instead.
findcheckouts fco Get a list of checked out items. This
command is deprecated and kept just
backwards compatibility. Use cm
status instead.
findprivate fp Get a list of private items. This command
is deprecated and kept just for
compatibility. Use cm status instead.
getconfig Obtain configuration info.
getmergeneededbranches Show branches pending to be merged.
getrevision Load a revision in the workspace.
gettaskbranches Get branches linked with a task.
getworkspacefrompath Get workspace info from a path.
linktask Link a changeset to a task.
location Get the path of cm.
manipulateselector Change the selector to a date.
setselector sts Set a selector to a workspace.
showselector ss Show the workspace selector.
* Executing a command:
cm command_name
* Get usage of a command:
cm command_name --usage
cm command_name -?
* Get help from a command
cm help command_name
cm command_name --help
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