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Moving from to HG on BitBucket. First hg convert, then hg push. Note that is not my email address. It is part of http basic authentication:
C:\Users\Developer\HG\\jeroenp>hg convert --authormap
initializing destination repository
svn: cannot probe remote repository, assume it could be a subversion repository. Use --source-type if you know better.
scanning source...
108 Created team project folder $/besharp via the Team Project Creation Wizard
107 first publication
106 Base folder structure
105 WordPressGenerateCategoriesHtmlConsoleApplication first draft.
104 Cleaned up code for publication at
103 Towards a category cloud
102 EmptyVisualStudioSolution, see
101 NumberVerificationTestProject: Bankrekeningnummer
100 BSN/SofiNummer and BankrekeningNummer complete.
99 Verified the unit tests for Rot13, Rot5 and Rot135
98 Cleanup: Refactored some double code away. Removed a couple of redundant .ToString() calls.
97 XCOM file transfer inserted the correct ; delimiter, but manual file transfer made is some high-ASCII (wrong therm, is actually a high some-codepage) character. This quick fix allows you replace any character in a file with another character.
96 SqlConnectionStringBuilderKeysConsoleApplication for
95 CharIntCompatibility
94 CharIntCompatibility correct directory names for C# and VB
93 CharIsInSet demonstrating alternative for (item == Path.AltDirectorySeparatorChar) || (item == Path.DirectorySeparatorChar) || (item == Path.PathSeparator)
92 All Library projects now in a Library solutuon;
91 TypeIdentity "type types" for character arrays Demo
90 D2006XE2MigrationExamples: show result of tigher compiler error handling for E2197 Constant object cannot be passed as var parameter
89 ShowPhysicalDeviceNames: LPT and COM
88 Checked in by server upgrade
87 Upgrade: New Version of LabDefaultTemplate.xaml. To upgrade your build definitions, please visit the following link:
86 SplitListOfIntegersIntoSublists example for
85 StringToAsciiConsoleApplication using NormalizationForm.FormD and NormalizationForm.FormC; see and
84 C# CompilerOddities (does not not compile, but that is the point); see also
83 .NET version of NetStat that shows TCP connections, TCP listeners, and distinct remote address/port pairs ordered by remote address, sorted by port. Good LINQ example for group by, order by and distinct.
82 FASTLogToXml - first try
81 FASTLogToXml second try: spits out XML for LogEntry
80 CreateTemporaryRandomDirectory
79 DotNetStat update: also show RemoteAddress:LocalPort by RemoteAddress as that is interesting for server based configurations.
78 Delphi XE3 compatibility: only .dproj files changed
77 AllDelphiNativeBeSharpNet.groupproj to allow quick check if everything compiles in Delphi XE3
76 FASTLogToXml bugfix: works for both Core and Edge configurations
75 Made FASTLogToXml more robust to bad LOG file entries. Exports also to pipe-delimited files for Excel post processing.
74 library update; some tests still need to be written though.
73 RegExCRLF example showing that in Delphi, \r\n is interpreted in the search pattern, but not in the replacement pattern.
72 C# RegExCRLF demo showing the compiler does the backslash escape replacement
71 Delphi: RegExCRLF additional CStyleCRLFBuilder example.
70 Expanded C# RegExCRLF example with a CRLFBuilder
69 Added more examples to the Delphi RegExCRLF example:
68 Added more cases to the C# RegExCRLF example:
67 C# UnitPrefixes class to make it easier to handle decimal SI and binary based file sizes (mega/mibi, etc)
66 a bit of code cleanup
65 Refactored Generic.Reflector.cs; added these methods: forEachNameAddToList, GetNames, GetValueStrings
64 BeSharp.Win32 assembly: added classes DiskFreeSpaceEx and DiskInfo so you can call DiskInfo.GetDiskFreeSpaceEx which calls Kernel32.GetDiskFreeSpaceEx. Refactored Kernel32Dll.cs: added "SetLastError = true" to all methods. Documented all methods.
63 UNCInfo which gives you a CSV list of all UNC paths passed on the commandline having the BeSharp.Win32.DiskInfo.GetDiskFreeSpaceEx values DirectoryName,FreeBytesAvailable,TotalNumberOfBytes,TotalNumberOfFreeBytes
62 DecimalDoubleSingleTestProject
61 DecimalDoubleSingleTestProject into the right part of the projects tree.
60 Project tree cleanup: remove duplicate UnitTests
59 More tests in DecimalDoubleSingleTestProject to show that comparing floating point literals of different types is a bad thing to do.
58 Adde documentation link to "C# check for exact type"
57 Added the kernel32.dll function GetVolumeInformation
56 GetVolumeInformation documentation.
55 Added Win32Exception handling for SetLastError = True in kernel32.dll calls
54 Documented the GetVolumeInformation into the calls as well.
53 Help when passing empty commandline.
52 AssemblyHelperDemos: AssemblyHelperConsoleApplication; AssemblyHelperWebSite; AssemblyHelperWebService
51 More information: AssemblyHelper.ExecutingAssemblyPath,
50 promoted executingAssembly and entryAssembly to properties.
49 Added private properties executingAssembly, entryAssembly. Added public property HaveEntryAssembly.
48 documentation for HaveEntryAssembly
47 Added AssemblyHelper.CurrentDomainBaseDirectory to return AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory as a Base for both ASP.NET and other application root.
46 refactoring to make AssemblyHelper.DeploymentPath possible.
45 Added all Library projects to the Library solution; corrected BeSharp.NumberVerification so it does not include an unneeded subdirectory.
44 Added Pi as a test for the DecimalDoubleSingleTestProject
43 Added encompassing Test solution for all the Tests
42 Fixed build error for NumberVerificationTestProject because BeSharp.NumberVerification got moved.
41 Added encompassing Applications solution; added TexrProcessing projects LineCount and LineSplit
40 Refactored AssemblyHelper.cs into the BeSharp.Configuration assembly to prevent circular assembly reference between BeSharp and BeSharp.IO. BeSharp.Configuration now depends on BeSparh.IO. BeSharp.IO depends on BeSharp.
39 Example turning Caps Lock OFF, or all toggle keys OFF.
38 Some demos for an IGrouping blog article or SO question: IGroupingConsoleApplication
37 HashTableExtensionsDemo en HashTableExtensions
36 Delphi: LoadStringResource demo for BeSharp.i18n.StringResourcesUnit.pas
35 Delphi TemporaryCursorDemo, TemporaryCursorUnit, MementoUnit, MementoUnit.
34 BugReports for QC
33 QC116429-Version-In-Sight--Select-Project-Dialog-must-be-resizable
32 GExperts-XE4-Experimental-Installer
31 First part of Delphi XE4 migration: project files
30 Delphi Hinting Directives demo (deprecated, experimental, library, platform)
29 Demos for
28 DUnit demos for MD5 Hash and Base64 Encode/Decode
27 Demo how to use pre-build events in Delphi XE2 to copy the FastMM FullDebugMode DLLs to the output directory.
26 Delphi Message Directive
25 Copy_FastMM_FullDebugMode_Dll_PostBuildEvent through Copy_FastMM_FullDebugMode_Dll_PostBuildEvent.bat as multiple IF statements in build-events do not work.
24 No .local files in version control
23 PowerShell script to show the component packages (BPL) files for all installed Delphi (actually: BDS) versions.
22 i18n support for the Delphi RTL Library
21 Clean-for-VCS.bat: clean Delphi directories before VCS checkin
20 Delphi Base64 unit test update.
19 Delphi: fixed typo in HintingDirectivesUnit.pas
18 Delphi: updated AllDelphiNativeBeSharpNet.groupproj with more Apps.
17 Delphi: Move i18n StringResourcesUnit
16 Scripts to set/show svn:ignore and example for .svnignore in Delphi (borrowed from
15 Example to remove svn:ignore, and apply the Delphi\.svnignore to the svn:ignore in the Delphi directory.
14 Delphi unit tests for MD5 (including MessageDigest_5.pas source that has been missing since Delphi XE2)
13 Version-control-URLs.txt dependencies on other repositories.
12 Better svn:ignore list.
11 Delphi: no more need for BeSharp.i18n
10 Delphi: update Message_Directive.dproj to Delphi XE4
9 Delphi: update to Delphi XE4 of TemporaryCursorDemo.dproj
8 Delphi: update to Delphi XE4 of HResultTests.dproj
7 Delphi: update to Delphi XE4 of HResultTests.dproj
6 Delphi added Library/RTL/WIN directory.
5 Reorganizing the location and name for i18n support in StringResourcesUnit.pas
4 Final location and name for i18n support in StringResourcesUnit.pas
3 Delphi: added LoadStringResource/LoadStringResourceProject.dpr demo with StringResourcesUnit.pas.
2 Delphi: updated AllDelphiNativeBeSharpNet.groupproj to Delphi XE4
1 Delphi: VCLLoggingTests application.
0 SVN: batch files to parse local svn working directories to get repository root URL or switched directories.
writing author map file C:\Users\Developer\HG\\jeroenp\\.hg\authormap
C:\Users\Developer\HG\\jeroenp\>hg push
pushing to
searching for changes
http authorization required
realm: HTTP
user: jeroenp (fixed in .hg/hgrc)
remote: adding changesets
remote: adding manifests
remote: adding file changes
remote: added 109 changesets with 636 changes to 506 files
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