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Up until Delphi 7, .ddp files were used to store the Diagram Portfolios. Often these files were empty like `Empty.ddp`, so this batch file helps to clean up those.
@echo off
if #%1#==## goto :help
call :main %*
goto :eof
echo Syntax: %0 Project-Root-Path [Empty.ddp]
echo This will delete all empty DDP files, with the default second paramameter being "%~dp0Empty.ddp"
goto :eof
set emptyDDP=%2
if #%2#==## set emptyDDP=%~dp0Empty.ddp
echo emptyDDP=%emptyDDP%
set root=%1
::echo root=%root%
::Does string have a trailing slash? if so remove it
if %root:~-1%==\ SET root=%root:~0,-1%
::echo root=%root%
for /R %root% %%f in (*.ddp) do call :compare "%%f"
goto :eof
::echo %1
:: do not compare the predefined empty one itself, otherwise it gets deleted
if /I %1=="%emptyDDP%" goto :eof
::echo before %ERRORLEVEL%
FC %1 "%emptyDDP%" > nul
::echo after %ERRORLEVEL%
if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto :keep
if ERRORLEVEL 0 goto :delete
echo ### Wrong ERRORLEVEL
goto :eof
echo keep %1
goto :eof
del %1
goto :eof
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