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Created February 7, 2012 17:14
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nginx hack for multiple conditions
if ($request_uri = /) {
set $test A;
if ($host ~* {
set $test "${test}B";
if ($http_cookie !~* "auth_token") {
set $test "${test}C";
if ($test = ABC) {
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this is awesome!

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GoodJob commented Mar 17, 2021

Need explanation.... what actually this does:
if ($host ~* {
set $test "${test}";
Does it takes "this" or what? Thanks!

How to write this condition?

if ($host * {
set $subdomain_name = ?;


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lordspace commented Jun 26, 2023

Awesome!!!! Thanks!
If somebody needs an explanation what the code does is it sequentially appends different letters to one variable.
When all the letters are present that means that all the required conditions have been met.

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