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Homework, W01D01

Create a function in your .bash_profile that will set up a working directory for a new GA student!

Things it should do:

  • Create a folder called GeneralAssembly

  • Create 4 sub-folders in GeneralAssembly: Homework, Notes, Projects, and Outcomes

  • Create a sub-folder in Homework and Notes called week01

  • Create a sub-folder in each week01 folder called day01

  • Create a file in GeneralAssembly called that contains a brief message from you to the student, telling them something along the lines of, "Keep calm and carry on"

  • Print a message saying, "Hey there, student! Welcome to WDI6! I just set up this directory tree for you:"

  • Print a tree showing the contents of the GeneralAssembly directory. It should look something like this:

  • GeneralAssembly/

    • Homework/
      • week01/
        • day01/
    • Notes/
      • week01/
        • day01/
    • Projects/
    • Outcomes/

When you're done:

  1. Go to and log in, if you aren't already
  2. Paste your code into the new gist, and give it a title and a file name
  3. Click "Create public gist" to save it
  4. Come back to this page ( and paste the link to your Gist as a comment at the bottom
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