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Last active May 22, 2019

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Sometimes you need a file-like object when all you have is an iterator, for instance when using psycopg2's cursor.copy_from. This class will handle the impedance mismatch.
import io
import sys
class IteratorFile(io.TextIOBase):
""" given an iterator which yields strings,
return a file like object for reading those strings """
def __init__(self, it):
self._it = it
self._f = io.StringIO()
def read(self, length=sys.maxsize):
while self._f.tell() < length:
self._f.write(next(self._it) + "\n")
except StopIteration as e:
# soak up StopIteration. this block is not necessary because
# of finally, but just to be explicit
except Exception as e:
print("uncaught exception: {}".format(e))
data =
# save the remainder for next read
remainder =
return data
def readline(self):
return next(self._it)

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LuAPi commented May 22, 2019

Hi, what's the licence on this file?
If it doesn't have one could you specify one please?

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