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Kottke Recommends OPML
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<opml version="1.1">
<title>Kottke Recommended Follows</title>
<outline text="Kottke Recommends" title="Kottke Recommends">
<outline title="A Thing Or Two" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="A Whole Lotta Nothing" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Anil Dash" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Austin Kleon" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Colossal" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Craig Mod — Writer &amp; Photographer" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Cup of Jo" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Curious About Everything" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Dense Discovery" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Drawing Links" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Fave 5" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Storythings" htmlUrl=";id=b73fda1119" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Clive Thompson" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Life Is So Beautiful" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Megnut" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="NextDraft" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Open Culture" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Posts on 'hello typepad'" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Present &amp;Correct" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Spoon &amp; Tamago" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="The Fox Is Black" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="The Honest Broker" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="The Kid Should See This" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="This is Colossal" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Why is this interesting?" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="jacksonbird" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="swissmiss" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="things magazine" xmlUrl=""/>
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