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View videojs-plugin-events-logger.js
// The events are from
import videojs from 'video.js'
const Plugin = videojs.getPlugin('plugin')
const EVENTS = [
View yet another radare2


load without any analysis (file header at offset 0x0): r2 -n /path/to/file

  • analyze all: aa
  • show sections: iS
  • list functions: afl
  • list imports: ii
  • list entrypoints: ie
  • seek to function: s sym.main
TheVoxcraft /
Created Aug 8, 2017
Vector3 Class in python3
import math
class Vector3:
x = 0
y = 0
z = 0
def __init__(self, _x, _y, _z):
self.x = _x
self.y = _y
self.z = _z
def __add__(self, other):
eyecatchup /
Last active Sep 27, 2019
Some common ffmpeg commands, I tend to forget..

cut sequence from mp4 video

ffmpeg -ss <start_time_hh:ii:ss> -i input.mp4 -to <length_in_hh:ii:ss_from_start> -c copy ./out.mp4
ffmpeg -ss 00:47:42 -i input.mp4 -to 00:01:49 -c copy ./out.mp4

create thumbnail images from input video (@30fps)

View gist:2db5f739cf6f46e35103f3fdfd91d270
! pmacctd configuration
daemonize: true
pidfile: /var/run/
syslog: daemon
geoip_ipv4_file: /usr/local/share/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat
!aggregate: src_host_country, dst_host_country, flows,src_host,dst_host,src_port,dest_port,proto
DakuTree /
Last active Oct 24, 2019
Decrypt Chrome Cookies File (Python 3) - Windows
#Based off & pieces of
from os import getenv
from shutil import copyfile
import sqlite3
import win32crypt #
# Copy Cookies to current folder
copyfile(getenv("APPDATA") + "/../Local/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default/Cookies", './Cookies')
# Connect to the Database
View powershell_eventlog_parsing.ps1
#Security log
#4624 - Logon & Logoff events successful
#4625 - Logon unsucceful
# Get usernames
Get-WinEvent -path .\Security.evtx | Where {$ -eq "4624"} | Foreach {([xml]$_.ToXml()).GetElementsByTagName("Data").ItemOf(5)}| Select -ExpandProperty "#text" -Unique
# Get domains
Air-Craft /
Created Dec 24, 2015
Rip m3u8 stream (series of .ts files) to video via ffmpeg #video #conversion #streaming #ripping
ffmpeg -i "" -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc video.mp4
learncodeacademy /
Last active Jun 24, 2017
Running a High Availability Service on CoreOS using Docker, Fleet, Flannel, Etcd, Confd & Nginx

Running a High Availability Service on CoreOS using Docker, Fleet, Flannel, Etcd, Confd & Nginx

Tools used:

  • coreos: server machine clustering via a shared cloud-config.yml
  • etcd: key value store for service registration and discovery
  • fleet: scheduling/failover of docker containers across coreos cluster
  • flannel: Gives each docker container a unique ip that allows you to access the internal port (i.e. port 80 not 32679)
  • confd: watch etcd for nodes arriving/leaving - template nginx configuration files / reload nginx on change
yann2192 /
Last active Mar 11, 2019
Hardening USB Armory

Hardening the USB Armory

As a good crypto nerd, I usually use an entirely encrypted linux FS: / but also /boot using grub LUKS support. It's a good setup but it's not perfect, the BIOS and the bootloader are not protected.

I recently got a USBArmory and I wanted to apply the same (or a better) setup.

I found some useful links but no clear howto. So this is my setup.

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