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Created September 22, 2022 18:11
Info disclosure scanner
# Before the first run, read the comments and change the script for your company
# Before anything, install ffuf with `go install`
# Change the WEBROOT variable below to the location of the webroot
# This changes to the webroot directory
# This makes a directory for storing the files used for this script. Change it to be whatever path you want.
mkdir -p $PROJPATH
import requests
import re
import sys
from multiprocessing.dummy import Pool
def robots(host):
r = requests.get(
?url=%s/robots.txt&output=json&fl=timestamp,original&filter=statuscode:200&collapse=digest' % host)
import requests
import sys
import json
def waybackurls(host, with_subs):
if with_subs:
url = '*.%s/*&output=json&fl=original&collapse=urlkey' % host
url = '*&output=json&fl=original&collapse=urlkey' % host