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Marionette release notes

Quick guide for updating release notes for Marionette on MDN

  1. Check the bugs fixed in release RELEASE:

  2. In this bug list, find the bugs which are relevant for WebDriver users.

  3. If needed, clone the mdn/content repository (

  4. Create a branch for the release, e.g. for Release 91 you might name the branch marionette91.

  5. Open files/en-us/mozilla/firefox/releases/RELEASE/index.html

  6. Write the release notes under WebDriver conformance (Marionette). You can use the following template:

  <li>Description 1 ({{bug(BUG_NUMBER_1)}}).</li>
  <li>Description 2 ({{bug(BUG_NUMBER_2)}}).</li>
  <li>Description N ({{bug(BUG_NUMBER_N)}}).</li>

The description should be short and focus on user impact rather than technical details. Refer to existing release notes for wording, brevity, ...

If APIs/features haven been removed, list those under <h4 id="removals_webdriver">Removals</h4>.

  1. Create PR at (example
The following PR contains all the user facing changes to Marionette for the Firefox 91 release. 
Here a [list of all the changes](

@whimboo can you please cross-check? Thanks.
  1. After Firefox has been released, send a release message to dev.webdriver once Firefox has been released
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