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Julian Descottes juliandescottes

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# coding=UTF-8
import base64
import contextlib
import os
import pdb
import struct
import time
import urllib
from datetime import datetime
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const { RootMessageHandlerRegistry } = ChromeUtils.import(
const { RootMessageHandler } = ChromeUtils.import(
const { WindowGlobalMessageHandler } = ChromeUtils.import(
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const moduleLayout = {
root: {
windowglobal: {},
contentprocess: {
worker: {},
juliandescottes / mass_alert_acknowledge.js
Created Aug 23, 2021
Acknowledge alers on Perfherder UI
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function getPageNumber() {
const previous = document.querySelector("[aria-label='Previous']");
return previous.closest("[aria-label*='Page']").getAttribute("aria-label").replace("Page ", "") * 1;
(async () => {
while (getPageNumber() > 1) {
document.querySelectorAll("[data-testid*='summary'].form-check-input").forEach(e =>
await new Promise(r => setTimeout(r, 3000));
document.querySelectorAll('.btn-secondary [data-icon="check"]').forEach(e =>

Quick guide for updating release notes for Marionette on MDN

  1. Check the bugs fixed in release RELEASE:

  2. In this bug list, find the bugs which are relevant for WebDriver users.

  3. If needed, clone the mdn/content repository (

  4. Create a branch for the release, e.g. for Release 91 you might name the branch marionette91.

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Bug 1687954 - Pause on JS exceptions doesn't work properly in Fission (8)
Bug 1687963 - Debugger should properly break on debugger; keyword in remote frame (8)
Bug 1665020 - DevTools Toolbox broken when navigating cross origin (20)
Bug 1568880 - Make the inspector's search field work with remote targets (8)
Bug 1681698 - Bootstrap thread actor as soon as we start registering breakpoints via the Watcher actor (20)
Total: 64 points
Why did I prioritize this way:
I did not include the storage bugs, because this is already broken today, and not Fission related.
Also did not include most of the server-side resource support. Unless there is a huge feature broken with fission because of that I don't think it will have any user impact.

First, let's look at all the call sites that don't reassign/rename anything.

StyleRuleFront::get href()

Could be replaced be returning parentStylesheet.href in the actor's form.

StyleRuleFront::get nodeHref()

Same comment as for href().


Wep Platform Tests

Update metadata

./mach wpt-update /Users/jdescottes/Development/wpt-update/

After downloading the relevant wpt-report.json files from try. Always try to take a variety of platforms (eg 1 linux 1 android, or more generally one which fails for specific conditions and a successful one).

View WPT tests differences

View devtools_tests_sorted_by_duration.json
"devtools_tests": [
"test": "devtools/client/memory/test/xpcshell/test_individuals_05.js",
"averageRuntime": 174.97391418277104,
"runs": 3193
"test": "devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-sourcemapped-scopes.js",
"averageRuntime": 174.76304804804806,